Sea lions and seal Trips

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Everyone’s favourite marine animals, sea lions and seals are the party animals of the ocean. They’re sociable, friendly and inquisitive in equal measures and nothing compares to trying to get that perfect shot whilst they’re sniffing at your camera dome! 


Differing species can be found all over the world, in warmer and colder climates, but for those UK based marine enthusiasts, they can easily be found right here on our shores! 


Keep an eye out for our up coming trips to swim with these amazing creatures, sometimes combined with blue shark encounters in UK waters, or get in contact so we can start putting together your dream trip! 


Seals and Sea Lions can be found in all of the following locations: 


– United Kingdom 

– South Africa 

– Australia 

– The Galapagos


– Canada 


We can organise everything from boat charter, equipment and guides, to hotels, restaurant and day trip bookings. We’ll mount a specific expedition for you within a specified budget, or register your details in the form below to be kept up to date with the latest pre-built seal and sea lion trips.

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Not include
Obligatory :
  • Entry Visa
  • Local Port Fees and Taxes
Extra :
  • Flights
  • Cabin upgrades and sole occupancy
  • Rental equipment
  • Nitrox
  • Dive courses
  • Private dive guide
  • Alcohol
  • Tonic and Soda Water
  • On Board Merchandise

TBA nights

full board accomodation either on a liveaboard or on dry land.

TBA days

of diving/snorkelling/freediving


between local airport/hotel and liveaboard on days of embarkation and disembarkation.

Camera operator

capturing you and the amazing wildlife we come across on every dive.

Memory video

of the trip filmed over
and underwater.


12 litre cylinder with
air fills and weights.

Photography tips

As much advice as you can ask for!
Use different cameras, get photo reviews etc

At least one of our team will be on board helping all those budding photographers who wish to learn more about shooting underwater. They will also be filming the trip from beginning to end to put together a memory video for all of the guests to take home.

Want to know more about the experience?

Check out the memory videos from our previous trip to the Galapagos!

Or check out the photos from our latest Egypt trip!


This trip is designed with underwater media in mind!

Photographers and videographers, make sure you bring your cameras. In addition, those who dont yet have a camera will have the chance to test different set-ups provided by Freeflow Media.

An underwater photographer/videographer will be on-board to not only to film and photograph the trip, but also to provide tips and feedback to anyone who wants to learn more about their camera, improve the shots their already taking, or wants to make the first steps into investing in their set up. 


Here are some of the topics she can help with:



  • Natural light photography
  • Flash photography & video lights
  • Type of camera
  • Type of photography, videography & lens



  • Intro to diving with a camera
  • Underwater light behavior
  • Housing set-ups & maintenance (Pre & Post dive)
  • Photo reviews & feedbacks

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