Freeflow Media combines underwater, land and aerial camerawork to bring promotional video content across all kinds of sectors. We work closely with our clients to achieve the desired message of the video, from inception to the polished final piece.




We can put together a camera team at short notice and carry the project through to final edit. 

Our land based camera skills covers a multitude of use such as : 

Sporting trials

Charity feats


Product promotions

Music videos

Real estate videos

This type of videos are our specialty! Having learnt the ropes with our amazing Asia based partners, Fisheye Underwater Productions, we have taken that knowledge and experience back to Europe. 

We maybe based in Europe but we can provide underwater camera teams and HSE qualified safety divers anywhere in the world at short notice so if you require underwater film services contact us!

We have worked with several type of clients like :

Dive centres

Watersports teams

Freediving Schools

Mermaid Academies

Nature/Travel programs


Travel companies

Drone footage is great for use in combination with the other two aspects to add scening shots and aid in story telling, a highly reccomended adition to any shoot! 

We have access to licensed drone operators and are well versed in the application of drone permits. We can also use DJI Mavic Minis for jobs that require speed, efficiency and don’t necessesarily need the high frame rate 4K that some of the larger drones are capable of.


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