Bespoke Expeditions


Our passion and experience within the marine travel industry mean we are well positioned to consult on a wide range of trips and destinations and build you your perfect itinerary from start to finish, encompassing all and any additional activities within the surrounding area that either one of us can dream up.



We take the stress out of planning, minimising the tireless research that a customer would usually have to go through mounting their own expedition. We will be at the other end of the line throughout the entirety of your trip, ready to adapt and re-book your itinerary in any way you require.



If required, especially through some of the more challenging and unique expeditions, we will include a trip leader who can be as discreet or as involved as you like. Either way, they will be there to take care of logistics, ensuring a smooth expedition, and to capture the trip with photos and videos, over and underwater, resulting in memories you can keep for a lifetime! 


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At least one of our team will be on board helping all those budding photographers who wish to learn more about shooting underwater. They will also be filming the trip from beginning to end to put together a memory video for all of the guests to take home.

Want to know more about the experience?

Check out the memory videos from our previous trip to the Galapagos!

Or check out the photos from our latest Egypt trip!


This trip is designed with underwater media in mind!

Photographers and videographers, make sure you bring your cameras. In addition, those who dont yet have a camera will have the chance to test different set-ups provided by Freeflow Media.

An underwater photographer/videographer will be on-board to not only to film and photograph the trip, but also to provide tips and feedback to anyone who wants to learn more about their camera, improve the shots their already taking, or wants to make the first steps into investing in their set up. 


Here are some of the topics she can help with:



  • Natural light photography
  • Flash photography & video lights
  • Type of camera
  • Type of photography, videography & lens



  • Intro to diving with a camera
  • Underwater light behavior
  • Housing set-ups & maintenance (Pre & Post dive)
  • Photo reviews & feedbacks

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